ABBON delivered the first 4 skids of in total 12 off ABBON3PM-DUAL MPFM systems for on-site installation. Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) will commence operation of ABBON’s MPFM metering skids at its ASAB oil production field. ABBON’s new 3PM-DUAL skid deploy two Non-Radioactive ABBON Multiphase Flowmeters (MPFM) for extended operating envelope, controlled and monitored by ABBON’s flow computer AFC-3PM. Thanks to ABBON’s Middle East Project & Service Office and its ABBON engineers and technicians in Abu Dhabi, we have been able to accomplish the system integration and FAT successfully, even though restrictions due to COVID-19 still ongoing. We highly appreciate ADNOC’s confidence in ABBON as new supplier for MPFM metering systems and we are pleased to have met ADNOC’s expectations and requirements during the comprehensive FAT for our first 4 Metering units.

If you have any questions or comments, please get in contact to our Sales & Project Manager at ABBON Branch Middle East, Abu Dhabi, Mr. Manmeet Kaberwal, Mobile: +971 54 446 6137, E-mail:

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