Ensuring optimal metering performance from start to end. With ABBONCareS™, we provide seamless Meter Lifetime Management. Our local, experienced  technical experts ensure optimal performance of new MPFM installations and are continuously maximizing the potential of your installed base

AbbonCareS™ offers tailored, innovative and comprehensive service solutions for seamlessly supporting the different phases of the Life Cycle of
your Meter Installations. From successful installation and commissioning for start up, maintenance and support during operation, as well as Metering
& Rental Services for operation of our ABBON3PM metering systems in production.

Reduce OPEX by ABBONCareS CBM and PPM

ABBONCareS technical experts and certified field engineers ensure local support to our customers at any time during operation. Customized service
packages from ABBONCareS optimizes your maintenance strategies to unlock operational efficiency across your installed base. High data assurance
and optimized metering performance with Periodic Preventive Maintenance (PPM) and Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) supported by ABBONCareS
Onsite Services and ABBONAnalyticS Remote Solutions.

Reduce CAPEX by ABBONCareS metering services & rental

ABBONCareS provides metering & rental services. ABBONCareS technical experts operates and services the ABBON3PM metering system during the
whole well testing and well monitoring process. This significantly reduces CAPEX and OPEX for any oil producers and operators with our metering
service solutions. By ABBONCareS Service Solutions ‘Rent & Operate (R&O)’ and ‘Buy & Operate (B&O)’, ABBONCareS takes the full responsibility of operating the metering system, to provide flow data and analysis, eventually provide data assurance and enabling data driven decisions, onsite as well as remotely.

Technical Support & Consultation

• Help desk
• Technical Advice & Consulting
• Training

Remote and/or On-Site Services

• Commissioning & Configuration
• Periodic Preventive Maintenance (PPM)
• Condition Based Maintenance (CBM)

Metering & Rental Services

• Rent & Operate (R&O)
• Buy & Operate (B&O)
• Rent To Buy & Operate (R2B&O)

Real Time Data Management

• Data Reporting
• Data Analysis and Diagnostics
• Decision Support