No Radioactive Source – No Field Calibration – High Meter Performance – Low Cost, ABBON’s unique TWINFLOW™ Technology for reliable and safe Multiphase Flow Measurement increases production output and reduces costs.

Non-Radioactive technology improves Data accuracy and Data reliability

ABBON’s non-radioactive TWINFLOW™ Technology provides much more than clients would expect. ABBON’s Non-radioactive meter improves measurement reliability since ABBON3PM accuracy is not affected by H2S or CO2 content, unlike radioactive meters that suffer from high attenuation of gamma radiation by Sulfur and Carbon Dioxide.

Neither will salts dissolved in water affect ABBON3PM water cut measurement, unlike radioactive meters, since gamma absorption coefficients are also depending on salinity. This increases measurement accuracy, data assurance and reduce OPEX significantly, since re-calibration in the field is not necessary.

TWINFLOW™ Technology provides an unique sensor design

TWINFLOW™ Technology ensures excellent signal and data quality of the impedance sensors. The sensors are ideally placed in the Twin Venturi throat, co-located with the DP measurement, to enable a real time “on the spot” measurement. The TWINFLOW™ design provides “builtin” flow conditioning, by reducing slip and swirl.

Combining the high signal quality of the sensors with our proprietary high-performance electronics & software, it offers extraordinary performance with non-radioactive meter design.

ABBON’s Non-Radioactive Multiphase Flow Meter ABBON3PM with the patented TWINFLOW™ technology offers an in-line system for continuous real-time measurements of the volume flow rates of produced oil, water and gas. TWINFLOW™ technology utilizes impedance measurements, velocity, differential pressure (Venturi principle), pressure and temperature.

All measurements are unified in an advanced model calculation of flow rates. It provides the most compact, non-radioactive meter design, giving the best price / performance ratio possible.