ABBON AS has been acquired 100% by MOKVELD’s Holding company.

ABBON will continue to operate under its own name, as member of the MOKVELD companies group, it will receive the backing of a partner with expertise in marketing and manufacturing equipment for the Oil & Gas Industry, enabling seamless commercialization of the ABBON 3PM flow meter.

ABBON AS, located outside Oslo, Norway, was founded in 2004 and currently has a staff of 10 employees. ABBON has developed a cost-effective, compact and non-radioactive multiphase flow meter with the patented TWINFLOW™ technology, enabling Oil & Gas operators to optimize production and increase recovery rates per well. (

MOKVELD Valves BV, with the headquarter in Gouda, The Netherlands, has over 50 years of experience in designing and manufacturing bespoke valves for the world’s oil and gas industry. With a current staff of over 370 employees, the position of MOKVELD as a leading manufacturer of mission critical valve systems for demanding control and safety applications is largely owed to the innovative and quality driven nature of the company. (

With the investment in ABBON’s multiphase flow measurement technology, MOKVELD together with ABBON can provide complementary solutions to the growing Oil & Gas markets for production recovery, optimization and asset management.