Abbon has a highly skilled and experienced workforce dedicated to the task of developing a new generation of multiphase measurement solutions for the petroleum industry. Our core philosophy is customer driven development. Close cooperation with customers is the key to provide the right people with the right solutions and enable optimized production and increased recovery throughout the full life cycle of the field.

Abbon AS was established in 2004 and is now located in Rud, at the western peripheral area of Oslo Norway.

Main Events in Abbon's History

  • 2010        Developed the 3PM concept and filed patent application
  • 2012        Performed a successful laboratory test of the 3PM prototype
  • 2013        ABBON perform successful third party technology test at TUEV-NEL Multiphase test facility, Scotland
  • 2013        ABBON performs field test in Brazil
  • 2013        ABBON performs field test in Oman
  • 2015        ABBON is acquired by MOKVELD's holding group
  • 2016        ABBON kick off commercialisation of the new ABBON 3PM Multiphase Meter
  • 2016        Successful Field Trial in Middle East with new 3inch meter accomplished
  • 2016        ABBON technical qualified at Middle East oil company and operator